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Valerie A. Ryan

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Artists Portfolio


My Portfolio consists of my best art pieces to date. Many of which are design oriented work and school projects. The differing page sizes represent a die-cut page. The smaller file is 72 dpi so please allow the browser some time to load it up. If you want to view the high resolution (80 mg) portfolio please allow ample time to download. high resolution portfolio 80mg

Artists Resume


This is my resume, which is also accessable through the portfolio PDF above. Detailed information about my skills, education as well as contact information. Also explaining my goals & hopes for my career. You may need to download Adobe Reader to view PDFs.

The Designers Business Card

Contact By Email

Since I work at all sorts of oddball hours, sometimes staying up all night and other times going to sleep way too early, it is usually most convinient to email me. You can expect a response to your email within 24 hours on business days. You can click on my card to email me, or type the address right into your email program:

Want a Business Card?

If anyone wants a business card, I will ship you one. Just drop me an email with the address you'd like it shipped to. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Contacting me for Adult Content

Please email me for any adult related content. I am uncomfortable running through details of this nature on the telephone, so I only discuss details of this nature through email.
I appreciate your understanding on this matter. Heart Icon

Contact Exceptions