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Thank you for visiting! I am Valerie Ryan, a 34 year old Canadian woman who has been working as a freelance anime art & graphic art commission artist for over 12 years. I draw mostly custom digital cartoon comic art & anime art, however I also do many forms of graphic artwork including logo design, flyers & banners, booklets, special occasion cards & posters, personalized stationary and well... any odd little custom graphic art or design related job you can come up with! I am easy to work with, friendly and an absolute perfectionist with my art.

If I had to classify my art style, I've been told on countless occasions that it is a mix between Anime and Western Comic Art. Of course, being a huge fan of anime art, I often try to veer my style off to the more traditional Japanese manga style of anime art. As my art style matures I see it changing frequently so who knows what will influence my style next? I also dabble in realistic sketching. My art interests lie in anime characters mostly but as I continue to draw I am constantly trying to expand my artistic horizons and am enjoying seeing my artwork take on a beautiful illustrative style. I've learned alot in art school and even more through experience of doing custom art by commission for many different people around the world. I am eager to continue to see what I can do with my skills in design, art and illustration, even beyond the anime and fantasy realm.

At this point I am proficient with several Graphic Art programs including Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and I am a beginner with Adobe Dreamweaver for building websites. I working on web design skills to build this homepage in order to showcase my graphic art, anime art illustrations and vector art illustrations.

This website is primarily a gallery and portfolio to showcase my art and to answer questions for those who may wish to hire me for their commission art projects. Mostly though, I created this website to entertain the cartoon art fan, indulge the comic art lover and to impress the anime art fanatics. So whatever you are here to see I hope that I live up to your expectations & that your time viewing my site has been entertaining for you! Thanks so much for visiting!