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Anime, Traditional and Graphic Art by Valerie A. Ryan

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All of my gallery artwork be it anime, cartoon, comic, commission based, painted, logo imagery or even layout templates are all sketched by hand first. I scan the drawings into the computer, and bring them into the program that I plan to use to finish them. This art gallery is the finished artwork. Though I am more specialized in the anime style, I also enjoy branching out to see where creativity leads!

Art Gallery | Favorite Anime Fantasy Art

Art Gallery | Digital Illustration & Graphic Art

Art Gallery | Anime Art

Art Gallery | Anime & Video Game Fan Art

Art since 2015

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Art since 2002

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Art Gallery | Traditional Media & Paintings

Art Gallery | Graphic Design, Marketing & Branding

Art since 2013

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Icons & Pixel Art

Small, low resolution art, icons or pixel art graphics

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