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Custom Anime Art & Commission Illustration

The Process behind the Illustration Process

Before getting started, we discuss your project and ideas through email. This is a good chance for you to describe your vision and for me to ask questions. I am also available to answer any questions you may have. I will give you an estimate of how long the artwork will take and we can discuss deadlines.

Anime Style Commission Artwork contact for custom art >>

Once we’ve ironed out the details, I will provide a quote for your project and we proceed from there.

What is Commission or Custom Art?

A “commission” piece of art (or ‘custom’ artwork) is a piece of art that is drawn by me, but tailored to your desires. Basically, I will draw whatever you want!

Commission Art Process

How does it work?

step by step commission

Step 1: Description & Payment

First, you would send me an email and describe the drawing that you want done. I need to know how many characters are part of the image and if you want a background or not.

Do you want a sketch, refined line art or a fully colored image? If you know what you are using the image for, that will also help to determine the size I need to consider when drafting.

Once we have all these questions answered, I will then send you a quote through email with all the information you need, the price and a time line of when to expect your artwork.

At this point you decide if the quote and time line is acceptable to you & then payment is made. Within 7 days you should see the first rough sketch of your image!

step by step commission

Step 2: Sketching Art

When we begin, I will sketch the picture for you and scan it to show you. This will be a rough draft of the artwork.

The art is in pencils at this point. I will ask you to look it over and we work together to make it perfect by re-sketching and altering the art and continuously sending you scanned samples of my progress. Until the pencil version looks perfect I will not move on to the refining phase.

If you don’t like the first sketch I send you at all then just let me know and I will crumple it and sketch out a new one for you! All major changes should be made before the artwork moves to the refining stage.

step by step commission

Step 3: Refining Art

After we both agree that the sketch is exactly as you wanted it, I will move into refining the line art and begin to define more details. This part is mostly done digitally and may take a bit of time for images that are needed in high resolution.

When this portion is done I will pass it by you in case anything has changed or gotten altered, but for the most part it should look like a cleaned up version of the sketch.

step by step commission

Step 4: Color & Finish Art

Depending on the medium you choose the colours can sometimes be flexible. You can specify the colour palette or I can choose the colours I feel are best for the work. Ultimately, it’s up to you what to choose!

When the coloring portion is complete, we can still alter the brightness, colors, shadows or positioning of elements if needed.

Once you're happy with your art, we can also discuss file sizes and types needed for your intended use.

The lines and major shapes will be defined at this time and if you need me to change them at this point there may be additional fee's!
Technically changes can be jimmy-rigged to make it faster and more convenient, but it is not ideal for the file work in this fashion.
I promise I will always try to find the best solution for your situation. If you don't need a technically sound file, it may be free of charge to change something, even drastically, past the coloring stage.
This is very dependant on the situation and I cannot make a blanket statement for how changes will work once the coloring is complete.
step by step commission

Step 5: Delivery

And now we're done! If you chose digital art then you will be provided the file through email or I can send you a link to the file if the size exceeds email allowance.

Depending on the medium you choose, the art can be delivered in the following ways:

What do you Get?

digital illustration
digital art files
digital sketch files
actual sketch*
corporate artwork
all digital files
digital signed documentation
actual signed documentation*
sketch or tradition media*
actual sketch*
actual art on bristol*
*by request. shipping fee's apply.

Helpful Tips for the very best Custom Art!

Commission Art Tips

If you want a real person drawn into anime style Please provide as many images as you can of the person you want me to draw. Art of existing characters should also be accompanied by reference photos.

Please keep in mind that every artist has his or her own style of art. It is very difficult for an artist to mimic others art styles. If you employ me for your art I can attempt to mimic others styles and have done so in the past but it is not set in stone that it will work properly - It is possible that my style will still shrine through. This being said, I assume that when you employ me for your project that you enjoy my personal style of art.

I am a perfectionist with my work, and very flexible with the time it takes to complete them. I do ask that you please mention your due dates ahead of time! I may decline the job if the date is too close or if I have too many jobs ahead of you, but it is better then the date coming up and you having nothing to show for it! Right?

Contact & Payment Details

Contact the Artist

While I have done some commissions over the phone, I work primarily through email. You can typically expect 24 hours between email responses except for weekends when I rarely access my email account.

I have strange hours as I wake up early and tend to go to sleep early on most nights. This doesn't line up with the hours that most people have, especially when you factor in time zone changes. As such, if you wish to contact me by phone you are free to email me and I can send you the contact information so we can make a date/time to discuss your artwork over the phone.

Paypal Credit Cards

Payment for your Custom Artwork

I use Paypal as my default form of payment.
Using paypal is typically instant, unless paypal requires time to clear your payment.

I will accept money orders, cheques and bank transfers.
You may have to pay additional fee's to make the money orders international.
There is waiting period for clearing money orders, bank transfers or cheques.

Please contact me if you need more help finding the most convenient way to process payment.

Artist's Limits | Type of Art that is Declined

Limitations on Custom Art that may be requested

Adult material is to be discussed and completed professionally by email contact only.
I will very rarely illustrate extreme blood & gore.
Scarey subjects, emotionally charged imagery and horror content is typically no problem. But extreme or frivilous gore is not my genre.
I will not draw hateful, racist, ableist or cruel content unless designed to educate, inform and promote positive change.
I will not draw underage persons scantily clad or designed to be received sexually. No Exceptions. Don't send me questionable photo references of your underage "subject". It will be forwarded straight to the police.
I will not draw animals in sexual scenarios or animal cruelty.
Any display of animal cruelty in commissioned artwork must be designed to promote ethical animal handling or educate against animal cruelty.