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Promoting understanding & human connection through honest but unique displays of polar opposite subjects.

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The Artist, Valerie A. Ryan

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Exploring the Visual Art of Artist Valerie A. Ryan

In her personal artwork, the artist has deep appreciation for people and conflict resolution. Perhaps naively, believing the best in people pushes her to search in strange places for that little glow of sameness. Using polarity in her artistic themes, she encourages the viewers to connect with both sides to awaken understanding and tolerance through a visual artistic medium. Searching inwardly for her own middle ground creates interest as the theme of her work grows and changes over time.

Testimonials | Custom Art

Customer References

Valerie's art work hangs in our lounge room. Besides from the daily enjoyment we derive from the pictures, it is without exception an admired talking point among house guests.

Flower IconKate Biddington,

Tazmaa is a true graphics professional and a very talented artist. She begins her projects by carefully evaluating her client's requirements, and progresses through the sketch and design phase methodically while continuously engaging her client for input. The final product exceeded my expectations and was delivered on time. Tazmaa is a joy to work with.

Flower IconCharles Darwall,

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Commission Art & Style | Valerie A. Ryan

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Commission Art & Illustration work for Customers

Working for people worldwide by bringing their vision to life has taught the artist how to listen closely to the stories of others. Creating visual work from the clients perspective is a unique challenge that has shaped her work for more then a decade. Posing their unique characters and using expressive lighting helps to bring together a realistic image of the characters vibrancy, attitude and persona.

Valerie Ryan is exhilarated by every new challenge she faces preparing traditional or digital art for her customers.

Inspiration | Anime Art, Comic & Cartoon Art Characters

The artists work has a style that is obviously inspired by Japanese cartoon art and western comic book art. The core structure of her characters are changing and growing as the artist enjoys keeping up with the study of human anatomy. Life drawing is an important part of the artists personal growth and can be found littered throughout her sketchbooks as she continues to keep up her personal training through gesture practice and anatomy art studies.

Beneath the characters, we can observe the fluidity of her compositions as a core characteristic of her artwork. This flowing nature carries through most of her work and sings to her personal aversion of conflict. We can observe her tendency to bring things together, even if they don’t seem to belong together.