Tazmaa's Studio

Tazmaa's Art Studio Terms of Use

Use of artwork on this website

All the artwork on this Website was created by and copyrighted to myself, Valerie A. Ryan, Owner of Tazmaa's Art Studio. Any and all use of these images without my consent will result in legal action.

The wallpapers in the gallery section are offered for your personal use only and my website address may not be removed from the images. Alterations to any of my images or use of my images in banners/forum signatures and other non-commercial ways require my authorization.

If you want to use my artwork for personal use please send me an email and ask me. As long as you credit me as the artist I am normally happy to oblige!

Legal Use of Custom Artwork

Custom Graphics

Unless you purchase my consent to use my work commercially all custom artwork is assumed 'for personal use' and therefore you are not allowed to make profit on said image. Images that are made to enhance a product that is intended for profit or promote the sale of a product that is intended for profit are considered 'for commercial use'. If you plan to use the artwork you hire me for commercially we will discuss a fee and once paid I will send you a signed document stating that you now hold the rights to reproduce the art for profit.

I reserve the right to post any artwork on my home page as a reference to my skill for future customers and to use any artwork myself for personal use. This line will be stated in the document when rights to sell are sold to the customer. Whether or not I will also hold the rights to sell the artwork as well as the customer who has purchased rights to sell is to be discussed upon agreeing on the fee.

The cost to purchase the rights to use my work commercially can vary based on the size of the project. The basic rate for "Shared Copyrights" (where you and I both hold the copyright) is +50% of the cost for the work. If you want to buy the "Full Copyrights" (To exclude me from being able to reproduce the piece) please email me for a more accurate quote.

You may choose to purchase the rights for sale to your custom piece of art after it has already been created for you. Likewise, you can choose to upgrade your artwork (ink, color, background, graphic design) as the image progresses rather then right away.

Returning Custom Artwork


I will work on your artwork for a reasonable length of time, however if there is nothing I can do to make the artwork what you desired I will be happy to offer you a refund minus the price of the work I have already completed.

Unhappy customers will have a portion of their payment returned to them depending on the process of the artwork. Shipping prices will be refunded if I have not shipped the work yet. Rights for sale fees are returnable as long as the documentation is still in my possession and the artwork has not yet been used for commercial use.

Once a custom image has its 'rights for sale' sold and the documentation is shipped to the buyer this fee is not returnable.

Commercial Use & Personal Use

Custom Artwork

Commercial Use

Artwork for commercial use is defined as artwork that will be sold or used to promote/decorate items that will be sold for profit. If your art quote and receipt is not labeled for commercial use, then it is assumed that it is a personal use work.

Personal Use

Artwork for personal use is defined as artwork that will not be sold or used to promote or decorate items that will be sold for profit. This includes artwork for gifts or personal projects which will not be mass produced.


Weddings, Christmas cards or mass mailings to friends and family is considered 'personal use' and will not be charged commercial prices. However, business memos, school or nonprofit organization mailings IS considered commercial use and will be subject to the commercial usage fees indicated in the pricing section.


contact me for more information.