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Tazmaa's Anime Elemental Girls Art Panels

Tazmaa's 4 Elemental Girls anime artwork mounted on panels ready for display. Each square panel measures 30 by 30 inches and spaced apart can cover large spaces of walls. Looks best on light colored walls.

Anime Style Art Panels

4 Elemental Girl Art Panels
30" x 30" each panel

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Shops | Dog Art & Anime Art

Welcome to my shop!

Anime products from clothing to pillows, cel phone covers to water bottles. My artwork is featured on many different items through online product shops such as zazzle, redbubble and society6! You can also purchase prints, bookmarks and stationery directly from me.

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Anime & Fantasy Art


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I appreciate each and every purchase, large or small. Thank you so much for supporting my work. I am happy you can enjoy my artwork as part of your every day life!

Art Prints

These are high quality art prints on paper that measures 12x18. I will not trim the print in case you need the extra space for matted and framed art. This means the paper will measure 12x18 but the image will be slightly smaller, depending on the dimensions of the peice.

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If you would like your print trimmed then please send me a special request through my contact page and I would be happy to do so.

These art prints come titled, signed and dated on the back.

Shop | Anime Art Products

Graphic Art Decor, Apparel, Bags, Playing Cards and more!

Choose the image you like, and scroll to find the product you are looking for. The link will take you to one of my shops products, but please feel free to browse the entire line directly from that shop, or check out more of my shops here shops >>

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New | Purebred Dogs by Breed Illustrations

Anime Art & Western Cartoon Art

Cartoon Dog Characters visit zazzle shop >>

I'm working on a project to illustrate as many purebred dog breeds as possible. The idea is to place them alongside a special career title that is motivational, silly and most importantly: positive! Dogs are a major inspiration to living in a wholehearted way, and I aim to capture some of their wisdom with this project and help share it with others.

So far I've got 3 breeds drawn, in multiple colors and have assigned their breed specific career titles:

Lagotto Romagnolo: The Excavation Expert

Cartoon Dog Characters Lagotto

Miniature Schnauzer: Home Security Agent

Cartoon Dog Characters Schnauzer

Alaskan Malamute: Vocal Accompaniment

Cartoon Dog Characters Malamute Wolf

Shop | Redbubble

Anime and Cartoon Graphic Illustration Art on Apparel, Bags, Mugs and more!

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